Nicole Barbezat,  Founder & CEO Opus Art

Nicole Barbezat is a professional art dealer and an avid collector with a lifelong passion for art.  Based in London, Nicole offers bespoke solutions to individual collectors and institutions seeking to build and manage their art portfolios worldwide.

As an artist, Nicole has been drawing and painting since an early age.  She has attended the Venice International Summer Academy for Fine Arts amongst others and has been actively involved with Sotheby's Institute of Art.​ Over the years, Nicole has supported emerging artists, art foundations and charities that promote the arts.

Nicole has a background in Private Banking and Wealth Management having been active in these fields for over 15 years. Today, Nicole combines her financial expertise with her lifelong passion for the arts enabling her to better serve and understand her clients and find the subtle synergies between the beauty of art and the investment aspects of this alternative asset.

Core Values
A business does not exist if not for the clients it serves and represents. Success in business, as in life, has much to do with the people we choose to associate with. Building and maintaining these relationships can only be done on the basis of integrity, honesty and trust. Ultimately, strong relationships pave the way to life satisfaction and business success.

Nicole seeks to associate herself with individuals, companies and institutions that share these values.