Barry Wolfryd

THE MAKE OVER 100 x 120 cm Oil on Linen
STEERING A COURSE 120 x 130 cm Oil on Ca
LOSING YOUR HEAD  127 x 165 cm
GAME ON 85 x 100 cm Oil on Canvas 2020
FLOATING ALONE                        12
GOT YOUR ATTENTION 40 x 40 cm Oil on LIn
Barry Wolfryd: I am a contemporary artist based in Mexico City whose work investigates circumstances in everyday life. Although born in Los Angeles, California I have conducted the major part of my artistic career in Mexico where I have lived for the last 40 years.
My discovery of art was a bit of a long process as I had to experiment with many life styles and creative outlets. In hindsight I believe it was mostly my experimenting with life in general after high school, traveling, meeting people, lots of weird and odd jobs. I knew communicating my ideas to others was important. I made attempts at music and writing but found my way into a drawing class at a local community collage where I unlocked an ability to experiment ideas much more attuned to my personality.
Painting and drawing gave me the tools I needed to share my vision of life and us in it. My work encompasses painting, sculpture in ceramics and glass, object art and graphics. My work focuses on the use of iconographic and popular imagery as the vehicle to critique. My style has some attributes of Surrealism, pop art, and expressionism that concerns itself with cynical content and context of the subject matter.
Since 1985 I have 40 individual exhibitions and participated in more than 120 collective exhibitions in galleries and museums in the United States, South America, Japan, Mexico and Europe. The work can be found in both cooperate and instructional collections and has been reviewed by prominent curators and critics such as Mohamed Benhadj, Jorge Juanes, Merry McMasters, Mónica Mayer, José Manuel Springer, Santiago Espinoza de los Monteros, Érik Castillo, John Mason Hart, Luis Carlos Émerich, Fernando Gálvez , and Sergio C. Fanjul.