Jan Fischer

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Jan Fischer
Born: 18/5/1978, Praha, The Czech Republic.
Jan Fischer is a contemporary Czech timber and glass master. His main object of interest are wooden sculptures, inspired by natural shapes, which he turns to glass sculpture when the wooden pieces are made.
Jan Fischer, who defeated his drug addiction, trained as a carpenter. He gained his glass art education with an internship with Glass Master Vlastimil Beránek.
After his internship he now continues to explore different possibilities of work with glass.
Inspiration for his creations came from nature, his sculptures look like leaves, wooden shields or parts of animal bodies. He firstly created a wooden sculpture from Kazachstan Walnut with a rich structure and many regular notches and then created a twin of this sculpture with glass.
Group Exhibitions:
2016 Crystal Caviar, SuperyachtDESIGN week London UK
 2017 Timeless Gallery, Marbella Spain
 2017 Gallery New form, Trellborg, Sweden
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