Martin Foot

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Martin Foot, a modern-day Michelangelo, works primarily by commission. He designs and produces sculptures in bronze, marble and terra cotta for museums, public and sponsored projects, as well as private collectors. He has frequent requests to produce original portrait busts for high profile personalities.
Martin’s art is available in galleries in Hong Kong, United States and Denmark, but mostly by commission.
Born in Liverpool, England in 1958, Martin Foot has travelled, lived and worked in many countries. His admiration of people of strong character, good humour and strong work ethic has been shaped be a lifetime of observation and experience that translates directly to his work and is evident in all of his pieces.
Martin Foot has lived and worked in Pietrasanta, Italy since 1997. He works with imported stone, locally sourced Carrara marble and has close relationships with the art foundries of Pietrasanta and Florence. His studio in the centre of Pietrasanta attracts visitors from around the world and is often used as a backdrop for photo shoots by internationally recognized photographer Marc Lagrange and many others.
He frequently tutors students who share his enthusiasm for sculpture and stone carving.
Horse Racing Panel

Horse racing Panel Material: White Marble Carrara

Bust of Peter Gade

Bust of Peter Gade Material: Bronze

Hand of David Michelangelo

Hand of David Michelangelo Material: White Marble Statuario

Head of Giuliano dei Medici

Head of Giuliano dei Medici Material: White Marble Statuario H: 35cm


Hares Material: White Marble Statuario L: 45cm

Well give me a kiss then

Well give me a kiss then Material: Clay

David's Hand_Statuary Marble_80x33x35cm
Sogno di Pace_Travertine Marbele_VOZ_627
Narciso_Carrara Marble_2m
Crystal _Dominion_ 44x21x12cm
Sogno di Pace_Travertine Marble_47.7x16.
Bronze _Dominion__Bronze_30x22x5.5cm
Martin Foot_Bronze Dominion & Crystal Do
Narciso_Carrara Marble_2m_Back view_