Michaela Smrček

Born in 1985, Česká Lípa, the Czech Republic

Michaela Smrček is Czech glass artist from north Bohemia, the heart of Czech glass industry.

Smrček has been influenced by glass making since her childhood. Her particular interest is creating glass sculptures by melting glass into moulds. Smrček’s sculptures are therefore unique with each one having a hidden narrative.


Smrček first expressed her art through photography and later created clay models of her own works, she then went on to study glass technology to improve her technical skills, working with glass as her medium because of its beauty, malleability, brilliance, and colour. Her techniques respect the long tradition of Czech glass making.


Smrček has always been fascinated by nature, in which she searches for internal peace and energy. This fascination can be seen in her sculptures. Glass as an organic material has huge strength, but is also brittle.

More recently her sculptures have reflected her relationship and opinions within contemporary society: life, relationships, attitudes, religion and a universal approach to humanity.

Smrček’s perception of the world determines the harmony within all her art: shape, material, technique, colour and size. Every sculpture carries a message: “take care, enjoy life, be tolerant and avoid violence”. However, whatever the narrative one hears in her work, there is a simple pure and innocent joy in each piece of her beautiful crafted crystal art.