Shane Finn

Never to emulate, but to create…’

Born in Gloucester, UK, August 26th 1967, Shane is an extremely accomplished art photographer with a long artistic journey bedded from his school days. His art tutor remarked, “You have a certain eye for drawing and painting…” and that’s where his art journey began.

Shane’s drawing and art understanding was guided and nurtured over his early years, becoming a high-end wood carver and gilder, utilising his flowing drawing eye in the upper echelon of the antique trade. Running parallel to this skill, Shane was growing his photography skills, studying online with photography courses to get the technical aspect clearer and the opportunity to experiment.

His true love and hunger was confirmed as always being for photography and started by exhibiting at small exhibitions showing his travel and architecture photography, mainly shot in Istanbul and Izmir, and other parts of the world - and was taken aback by the amount of positive feedback. This confirmation of people’s enjoyment and passion for this photography made him take the leap to go fully professional, realising his dream.

He was quickly recognised in the fashion world, gaining traction in London Fashion Week catwalk imagery, leading then to shoot for the individual designers with commissions secured in India and Europe. This opened up the opportunity for Shane to travel worldwide more, and to shoot commissions worldwide, including Singapore, New York, Las Vegas, Ethiopia and all over Europe, focusing specifically on Italy and Portugal.

Shane comments, “I shoot people candidly - capturing life, light and motion, whilst giving a different viewpoint on architecture.”

So, who inspires him?

“’Inspiration’ is the wrong word. I admire other photographers’ work, but I have my own unique personal perspective and story to tell, so I never get influenced or biased. Never to emulate, but to create.”

So now, using his huge peripheral vision, Shane is embarking further into the worldwide photographic world…

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