Vlastimil Beránek

Vlastimil Beránek is a Czech sculptor, known for his mastery in working with Bohemian glass.

Beránek specialized at the School of Decorative Arts with the training of Professor L. Martínek and Professor St. Libenský at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, an establishment founded in 1885.


He is the third-generation exponent of the well-established, glassmaking Beránek family, which made history of the Czech glass in the 1940s by founding a glasshouse at Škrdlovice.

The focal point of his personal interest lies in free creation of molten glass sculptures. His sculptures feature a rigid, elementary form, often bordering on the technology´s very possibilities.

They possess a monumental, free-of-all-compromise expression, not relying just on the glass material´s inner aesthetics or a single frame view. They claim their own space.  They are one-of-a-kind and completely unique sculptures of glass.

Beránek believes that the accidence has to work for the sculpture. He tries to freeze movement or express emotion in his sculptures. Proportions, colors and final shapes of the sculptures help this hard task. Most of his inspirations come from the sea. He likes to think about the secrets of the deep ocean and its creatures. Moreover, the ocean is in a constant movement, so it is perfect environment. Another element, which fascinates him, is fire. In addition to glass, Beránek also creates wooden sculptures, "twins" of the glass ones. He has also started to experiment with pieces in cast bronze and sculptures in stainless steel.