Wu Mingzhong

Born in Hebei Province in 1963, Wu Mingzhong received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the local Hebei Teacher’s College before heading to Beijing to study for his Masters of Fine Art at Capital Normal University. Along with his painting, Wu is Associate Professor & Director of the Oil Painting Research Office for the College of Fine Arts at Capital Normal University. Wu has also been a visiting professor at Liebin Academy of Fine Arts in Russia & Buffalo State College in the USA. 

Wu is considered to be one of the most important and influential artists over the recent years. He uses a monochrome palette with reds as the defining accents. He also uses glass as a medium to show the psychological connection of man. He has created a new artistic language – fragility and transparency – by converting this concept. This language has become the centre of Wu’s painting and reflects both an analysis of people’s psychology as well as implying a transparent society. In his own words he has said: 

"Looking back, I can see that my works were born from a sense of sorrow. The glassy, transparent human figures I was painting were born out of heartache, a mental suffering caused by my experience with the frailty of human relations."
Wu’s paintings provide a special case. His art language is unique and it’s difficult to find another artist who uses a similar style or language.


He creates his paintings with a reverse thinking which makes it difficult to clearly state his language, style or concept. Looking at the genealogy of Chinese Contemporary art, you have “Political Pop” and “Cynical Realism” and it would seem that Wu has come to represent the mood of the “New” paintings, by structuring a conceptual relationship between resolving paradox in reality and the fragility, vulnerability and uncertainty of glass. New paintings by Wu, therefore, provide more than simply the image itself and the charm of painting which brings people’s ideas.


Currently lives in Beijing. Associate Professor of College of Fine Arts, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China.